Hello FAB 50 !!  Q and A about tomorrow

#1 Can I bring a friend? Very sorry but due to the STUPID COVID this is definitely a closed party. Please text me directly if your plans have changed and you cannot join us tomorrow. Likewise, text me if you want to try to add someone to the “waiting list”.

#2 Do I have to wear a mask? YES YES YES  ! We are asking you wear it at all times, unless drinking, which some of us do more often than others, straws encouraged. Seeking volunteers for Mask Patrol

#3 What can I bring? Due to the STUPID COVID you will need to BYOE, and that’s EVERYTHING not the other E. Pretend it’s a mini burning man and practice your radical self-reliance. Bring what you want to drink and what you want to eat. This is also a pack it in / pack it out event. Take nothing but pictures and leave nothing but footprints.  

#4 Can I bring my dog? Please NO. I loveeeee my pandemic puppy Fintan soooo much but he is not one of the FAB 50. The area where we will be camped out does not allow dogs so please leave them at home and help to keep us all out of trouble.

#5 Will my temperature be checked? YES, we will scan your precious foreheads at the door.

#6 There are public restrooms onsite for use but please come prepared to use a public restroom. 

When: Saturday June 27th 1:00 pm – 5:00 pm

Where: drum rooollll please, Holly Park 625 Holly Park Circle @ the baseball field

MUSIC – YES MUSIC !!! by DJ Samala !!!!!